Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Day 31 - Bennington VT to Concord NH

Ride Stats:
Distance: 128.7 Miles
Climbing: 7,379 ft
Ride Time:  8:26
Temp:  65-93

The last big riding day is now complete.  Climbing through the Green Mountains in Vermont and entering the White Mountains in New Hampshire was a real blast.  Great scenery - Lakes, Rivers and small towns with historic buildings, etc. etc.

I spent a large part of the day riding by myself just taking in all the many views.  As I mentioned yesterday, it is hard to really look around while riding in a pace line.  My approach for today maximized my experience of riding through New England.

After 30 straight days of not getting hit by rain, a storm finally let loose just before the final SAG stop for the day.  It was raining in sheets as I found my way to the SAG stop.  I had a very hard time seeing my bicycle computer GPS map and the cue sheets to find the location.  The rain stopped after about 20 minutes.

Tomorrow is the grand finale - 53 miles to Rye's Beach New Hampshire.  While I have thoroughly enjoyed this tour, it will be good to get home.

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  1. Dear Mike - I am thrilled by your tenacity, strength and strong heart - although not a bit surprised. Whenever you publish the account of your fabulous achievement I will be most interested, but do not expect you to engage in any info to me before that. You will need your rest and, somehow, to stop pedaling in your sleep. Sadly, I cannot give you an account of the partying at your home while you were away for I was not invited. And so...I have no tales to tell. Your ever loving favorite Auntie Jean