Monday, August 6, 2018

Day 30 - Little Falls NY to Bennington VT

Ride Stats:
Distance: 109.3 Miles
Climbing: 6,132 ft
Ride Time:  7:16
Temp:  70-94

Hot and humid all day plus climbing provided some challenges.  The plus side is the changing landscape and unique small towns as we head deeper into New England.  The wooded hills of upper eastern New York and the Green Mountains in Vermont provided great views all day.  The roads were generally good, with some sketchy sections including one of gravel.

The group of five that I have been riding with over the last couple of weeks is morphing.  Several of the riders that were struggling early on have improved their fitness, overcome other issues and have taken to surging on hills at times.  Not sure why since given all the climbing we need to do each day we need to save a little in the tank at the end of each hill and each day.  Steady and smooth is generally the best approach for a ride of this length, and was the hallmark of this group up until the last few days.  Since I have been struggling some with Achilles Tendonitis, when the surges occur I drop to avoid further damage.  Today I ended up riding the last 18 miles on my own.  It gave me a great opportunity to really take in the scenery, which can be hard to do at times in pace lines.

Pictures from today:
Typical scenery about 10 miles from Bennington

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