Friday, August 3, 2018

Day 27 - London Ontario to Niagara Falls Ontario

Ride Stats:
Distance: 138.1 Miles
Climbing: 2,907 ft
Ride Time:  8:26
Temp:  65-83

Another good ride today.  Relatively flat with sections of rolling hills.  Lots and lots of farm fields.  There seems to be much more diversity in the crops grown in this region vs Indiana.  We past fields with tobacco, tomato's, and large tarp covered fields with raised beds for some kind of herb.

We dodged the rain again today, continued to battle cross winds, and still had moderate, but hotter, temperatures.

The real prize today was arriving at Niagara Falls.  Our hotel is just a couple blocks from the Canadian side of the falls.  After a quick shower, I headed down to see the falls.  I was close enough to get rained on by the mist from the falls.

Pictures from today:

Our Great Riding Team - Anni, Courtney, Mary & Tony

Falls by the US Side

Falls by the Canadian side

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  1. You're looking good, Mike! I did not realize that this would be an international tour. What fun. How civilized it is that you have been able to maintain your trademark mustache. Not straggly or plaited at all. Guess you will give it a good brushing upon your return. Yes? Of course!
    Best, always - Auntie