Sunday, August 5, 2018

Day 29 - Waterloo to Little Falls NY

Ride Stats:
Distance: 123.8 Miles
Climbing: 9,219 ft
Ride Time:  8:43
Temp:  70-90

Felt like we were back in the mountains today - lots of climbing all day.  We started with rolling hills then hit big climbs in the Finger Lakes area and after.  Had some great high speed descents, but the climbing took a heavy toll on all of us.

Since I am still fighting with Achilles Tendonitis I had to limit how hard I could climb.  I dropped from our group of 5 riders since I could not keep up on the hills.  By keeping breaks and the lunch stop short, I actually ended up finishing ahead of the core group.  On other group member dropped as well and we ended up joining forces for the push after lunch.

While it was one of the 3 toughest days of this entire tour, it was also very scenic.  I enjoyed seeing the Finger Lakes area, the huge wooded hills (mountains?), passing the Erie Canal, and going by various historical places on the back roads.

Tomorrow will be shorter on mileage, but still have about 5k of climbing.  Only 3 more riding days until we hit the ocean and complete the transcontinental.

Photo's from today:
Typical View

Close to the finish line

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