Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Day 25 - Midland to Imlay City, MI

Ride Stats:
Distance: 104.2 Miles
Climbing: 1,437 ft
Ride Time:  6:05
Temp:  64-79

We had our last easy ride today.  Relatively short, with a lite tailwind and moderate temperatures.  Rain was North and South of us.  We only had a few sprinkles.  We have been blessed with no real rain for the entire tour.

The ride was very flat with a few rolling hills.  Part of the ride was spent on a bicycle trail through a heavily wooded area.  At one point the tree canopy was so thick that it formed a dark tunnel to ride through.  I enjoyed seeing this part of Michigan.

Most of the tour riders rode easy, spent more social time at the SAG stops and lunch.  A good recovery day as we get ready to cross Canada and climb through New England.

All of us continue to nurse our aches and pains.  My Achilles Tendentious has remained mostly stable.  With ice, ibuprofen and a good tape job before each ride seems to be holding it in check.

No pictures today since this looks like home.  See the PAC Tour website for their pictures if you have an interest.

Thank you to all who have left comments on my blog.  I see the comments and appreciate them very much.  The encouragement is helpful.  I just don't have time to respond to each.

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