Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Ready to Ride

I completed the PAC Tour training plan!  Hit the dreaded 200 mile rides.  Actually did the 200 mile target three times.  I broke up the long ride into segments: 1) 35-40 miles on my indoor trainer (Computrainer) before sunrise using a moderate to hard tempo ride (ERG Video); 2) 25 miles to join a 50 mile moderate to hard group ride with a few sprints; then 3) various loops heading towards home (Carmel, Cicero, Hamilton Southeastern, Greenfield, then home).  It took around 12 to 13 hours to complete each long ride.

I took several rest stops at convenience stores to replenish hydration & carbs, then treated myself to a milkshake about 40 miles from home.  Starting early and breaking down the ride into manageable segments, with treats to look forward to at the end of each, is the best way I can find to handle the challenging physical aspects of such a long ride.  It all becomes a mental game.

After the 200 mile rides, I  dialed my weekly long ride back to 150 and tried to keep my normal weekday training.  Things were very busy with my job over the last two weeks, which caused me to miss several rides each week.

I fly out in three more days, so ready or not here I come!!!

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