Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Day 4 - Coulee Dam to Spokane

Ride Stats:
Distance: 89.6 Miles
Climbing: 4,091ft
Ride Time:  5:38

Much easier day today.  Challenging start with a 10 mile climb, then we had rolling hills heading toward Spokane.  The terrain changed to miles and miles of farm fields.  Some green, many brown.  Lot's of wheat with a few other crops that I did not recognize.  One rider mentioned that he thought some were for canola oil.

After the climbing, some of us throttled back today and enjoyed a moderate spin all the way to Spokane.  The temperature was 83 with a light wind from the northeast.  This shifted to a tale wind closer to Spokane.  Perfect clear day.  We have a couple of easy days allowing a little more recovery time, then we will start cranking the big miles.

I did not take many pictures today - the scenery did not change.  I have posted one below showing what it looked like about 10 miles from the finish.  You can see some mountains on the horizon, which are east of Spokane.  This gives a perspective of how far we could see.

Also, check out the pictures taken by PAC Tour.  Just follow the Northern Transcontinental link at  They capture many great pictures every day.

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